Its Impact On The Cloud, Risks and Solutions 

Your Ultimate Guide To All Things Cloud Vendor Lock-In

When it comes time to adopt a cloud-based infrastructure solution, many businesses and enterprises cite vendor lock-in as one of their major barriers in their cloud implementation. Many businesses are not aware of the proprietary standards that exist and exacerbate the interoperability and portability of applications when choosing to move to a different cloud vendor. Meaning that changing cloud providers can become very difficult down the line. Whether it be inflated costs or technical issues within the cloud, no business wants to face otherwise avoidable issues in the future.

Whether a business is looking to adopt its first cloud provider, or looking to change their current cloud vendor, there is a lot to consider. It’s critical that a business takes the time to analyze the impact of vendor lock-in.

This resource will review precisely what vendor lock-in is, why does it exist, some of the potential risks, and what are some viable solutions businesses can use to protect their bottom line. From potential risks to functional solutions, it’s time to take a critical approach to look at vendor lock-in and what businesses can do to avoid becoming dependent on a single cloud provider for a set period of time.