A Fully Managed OpenStack Private Cloud

Your Guide to a Successful
Big Data Infrastructure

It’s safe to say that Big Data is growing at unprecedented rates and this growth is only expected to accelerate. As Big Data continues to grow, businesses will need refined methods to process both structured and unstructured data. In an increasingly competitive market, only businesses that optimize their Big Data infrastructure with agility will retain their competitive advantage. 

A fully managed OpenStack powered private cloud can give businesses of all sizes an edge thanks to its flexibility and scalability. Thus enabling businesses to grow with resilience and accelerate development when it is needed most. OpenStack offers organizations and enterprises varied solutions that can support a bare metal server environment or even mixed hypervisors. OpenStack has the infrastructure to help businesses stay competitive. From a decrease in overall costs to better productivity and even operational efficiency, adopting an OpenStack solution gives businesses the freedom they need to foster growth and drive innovation.

In this resource, VEXXHOST will deep dive into how to better manage Big Data through an OpenStack powered cloud solution. From learning which qualities can make or break Big Data in business to acquiring the right skills to manage Big Data, it’s time to start reading.